Technology Experience

ARC have extensive experience across a diverse range of technologies and platforms running business critical integrated package and bespoke solutions supporting front office services through multi channel web services, front office customer relationship and interaction management solutions, distributed sales and marketing solutions, service management solutions, supported by back office solutions supporting core business functions including planning and forecasting, production, operational management and monitoring, project management, change management, financial control, HR, transport management, reporting and MI, transaction processing and switching, service management, work and asset management, knowledge management, groupware and workflow, enterprise management, configuration management, systems design and development, enterprise architecture management, to name but a few.

We use our deep understanding of technology and market trends to support objective technology decisions, evaluations and investments to support the optimization of business activity through the delivery of functional and non-functional capability across the technology stack, whilst ensuring that such investments provide significant returns and low cost of ownership.

ARC providing technology insight and expertise to support the flow of service.