Application Portfolio Optimisation

An organisations information management systems are undoubtedly one of the most important assets second only to human capital; they provide the capability to support the flow of service both internally and externally. Against this backdrop the environments in which they operate are constantly changing as the pace of technology continues to shift with organisations trying to keep pace and take advantage of new technologies to innovate and improve their service offerings, often to ensure they remain in the competitive game.

Build or buy, replace or upgrade, on-premise or in the cloud, pay by seat or pay by click, the choices surrounding investments in organisations management systems seem endless. Indeed it's often hard to enough trying to decide on a choice of new car, let alone what to do with an ageing system that is no longer capable of supporting your changing business, its people, processes, information, data and other related components.

Here at ARC we use our portfolio management expertise to carry out balanced technology portfolio reviews based on strategy, investment risk and business and technology trends prior to understanding the relationships between existing processes, information, technology and applications in order to analyse and design required changes to information technology infrastructure components, configurations, patterns and services needed to optimise the creation and integration of technology and applications.

We use this information to help management teams plan for change through the construction of future state operating models, balanced portfolios and service and technical road maps with appropriate governance, policies and standards in place to ensure they come to fruition.

Similarly we work closely with specialist business, IT and procurement teams to make objective well informed technology investments decisions using tried and tested requirements analysis and product and service evaluation processes and disciplines ensuring application and technology components are fit for purpose and integrate appropriately.

The result is reassurance that the technology investments you make now will support both your current and future needs, reduce complexity and costs, increase flexibility and boost the potential of your business.

ARC providing assurance and confidence to support your current and future IT investments.