Enterprise Architecture Practice (EAP)

Enterprise Architecture is concerned with the holistic and controlled management of an organisations resources through joint Business and IT planning disciplines and processes that seek to ensure that organisation has the right things in place (processes, information, technology, people, road maps, communication, governance, management etc...) to effectively and efficiently pursue.

This is undoubtedly easier said than done as progressive organisations are often characterised by extensive portfolios of programmes and projects that have their own individual goals and objectives that whilst delivering can sub optimise the whole. Similarly organisational structures characterised by strong leadership and individual investment responsibility could affect decisions that jeopardise the whole.

Here at ARC our Enterprise Architecture Practice (EAP) work alongside business and IT stakeholders to shape the architecture function, defining roles and responsibilities, developing engagement models and new architecture management capabilities consitent with agreed target operating models. Once in place we work help develop appropriate guiding principles, policies and standards across architectural domains to help govern and manage future change across programme and project portfolios.

The result is greater confidence and assurance at all levels in the organisation that we are working on the right things, in the right order and in the right way to achieve the strategic intent of the business, whilst optimising the whole.

ARC providing optimisation, business agility and competitive advantage through Architecture Management.