Enterprise Modelling

Here at ARC we do believe that a picture really does paint a thousand words, we have only to look at the tried and tested engineering disciplines of the last 2000 years, to realise the benefit that detailed plans and blueprints have in supporting the design and development efforts of some of the most complex engineering feats of the last century. Such models act as a baseline for change and often provide levels of abstraction that allow us to understand specific detailed perspectives and viewpoints on complex objects.

Modern day organisations are complex objects in their own right and rely on many thousands of components to work together to provide a repeatable and manageable service or product. From strategy through design and development through to implementation and operationalisation, the engineering disciplines are the same but the components may differ.

ARC have extensive expertise and experience in helping organisation identify and produce the right models at the right time to support efficient and effective management and evolution of the business in pursuit of its goals and objectives.

It's about being able to provide answers to strategists, planners, analysts, project and operational teams and partners as to questions such as Why? What? Who? Where? When? and How? of the various products/services and subsequent organisational components used or needed to run, grow and transform the business, together with an understanding of the relationships and dependencies between them.

ARC help organisations defined, develop and manage such models across the change lifecycle to accelerate their change and development efforts, reducing cycle times, development costs and business risk whilst delivering predictable, controlled and high value change into complex operational environments.

Our experience spans traditional and contemporary methods and notations to support business process mapping , data modelling and requirements definition using UML notations.

Our expertise includes a deep understanding of the market for CMDB and Enterprise Management and the process of selecting and integrating the right enterprise management and modeling solution along with the underlying processes and disciplines needed to ensure benefits are realised across development and operational team responsible for architecture management, configuration and change management capabilities/services.

ARC enabling the Architecturally Managed Enterprise.