Information Architecture Management

Our Information Architecture Management service helps organisations focus on defining the future information model, organisational capabilities/services needed to satisfy ongoing business transformation efforts.

We work with organisations architecture, programme and project teams to identify what is required of the organisations information assets to achieve the organisations strategies and how can these assets be more effectively utilised. We use tried and tested analysis techniques including data modeling to carry out detailed analysis to identify what information is needed by whom from what sources and in what frequency.

Once strategies have been defined we help define information and data management policies and standards along with data catalogues to help guide, manage and sustain strategies and ensure appropriate governance and control flow of information across the organisation. At a detailed level we help develop new MI capabilities using our in depth knowledge technologies to support data mining, warehousing and Business Intelligence to help support timely decision making.

Finally we help identify and understand the relationships between processes, information, technology and applications to optimise the creation and usage of new business processes and information assets so that they provide business service efficiency and effectiveness and support future change and innovation.

ARC leveraging data to support the flow of service.