Technology Selection Services

The rapid growth in technology innovations and solutions continues to confuse many clients. When it comes to technology selection ARC have the experience and know how to support organisations in making well informed decisions about their next technology investments.

Using our market knowledge and insight together with a deep understanding of business trends and best practice we work with organisations to clarify their business strategies and specifically its implications for current and future technical capabilities and the products and services used to fulfil them.

We work jointly with development teams and technical and procurement specialists to define and agree a tailored roadmap for technology selection that meets the clients needs. Typically this incorporates the analysis and definition of current and future state functional and non functional requirements and capabilities derived from the business process, information requirements and industry best practice. Together we use this agree a comprehensive range of requirement aligned evaluation criteria which will be used as part of an equally comprehensive market, vendor/service provider selection and evaluation process

We enable organisations to confidently procure and start to develop long term relationships with vendors and service integrators safe in the knowledge that such decisions are based on consensus based approach to delivering business value over time.

ARC leveraging technology to support the pursuit of strategy.