Business Process Engineering

In an increasingly complex and integrated world understanding and managing business processes is critical to supporting the consistent flow of service whilst providing a baseline for change and identifying potential impacts on people, information and technology.

ARC have extensive experience of transforming and reengineering organisations to deliver new capabilities, services and improved ways of working across integrated business functions and environments.

We use tried and testing process engineering disciplines and techniques including Business Process Mapping to design and implement integrated manual and automated process to support the flow and management of service.

We work closely with stakeholders to review and assess existing ways of working against new goals and objectives before reengineering and implementing new processes supported by process enablers including appropriate levels of workflow and BPM Solutions, supporting information systems, motivation and measurement, human resources, policy and business rules, facilities and equipment to ensure processes succeed and endure over time.


ARC supporting organisations to delivery new change effectively and safely into business critical operations.